Get ready for your breakthrough!

Listen to the breeze, Hear it calling to you? It whispers in a heavenly, small voice, I love you, I cherish you, you are mine.

If you wait, if you hold on to what little bit of faith you have left, you will feel the peace flow over you, you will see how valued you are, you will no longer wonder, but you will know, you are loved.

God created us with purpose, He created us for pleasure. God has never just sat with nothing to do upon His thrown thinking, “I will just make this soul to go suffer on earth, ’cause I have nothing better to do.” Every test, every heartbreak, every breath ’till our last has a reason, a purpose, and a work I progress. No one was created to feel hopeless, or cast aside. God made you Unique, each one of you. He tries daily to talk with us, He uses His creation to show us His love, His glory, and His never ending work in us. Sometimes we just need to stop and listen. Stop going, stop thinking, and stop trying to figure out Gods plan. We can’t tell God how long a trial is to last, or when we are ready to be tested. Be careful when you think you are strong enough to withstand the enemy, that could be the moment you are not ready. Seek God in prayer and ask Him to strengthen you, to guide you, and to walk with you every step of the way being your leader. God is not standing there waiting for you to fail, but rather waiting on you to come to Him with a broken heart, broken spiritual peaces, and your hands handing over to Him all the shattered destruction that you make your soul hold onto. We were never meant to hold onto pain by ourselves and we were never meant to climb every mountain alone. We were meant to seek after Him, to hold His hand, to talk to Him, to ask His help, and to work on building our faith back up when we start losing it. Never give up! When the time comes that you feel you can’t go on, when you start collapsing in your faith and you are tired, distraught, and feel like you just can’t hold on, hold a little tighter and prepare for your deliverance ’cause your breakthrough is just a hand above water away.


Author: heidifowler

I'm a 34 year old with 3 wonderful kids, an amazing husband that ended up rescuing me from who i thought was trying to rescue me. i am the woman that makes mistakes but learns from them. i am not who i was a little over a year ago. last year i was easily manipulated, being made to feel guilty, and struck down by people i trusted. this year i have learned about myself and still to be strong. how to protect myself and never be a victim again.

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