Beauty In The Beholders Eyes.(You Are Beautiful)

What makes you, you? Sometimes self examining ones self can reveal so much about yourself that you may not have been aware of. You can’t listen to idle tongues and gossip about you or any other people, people tend to say things that do not always ring true. I like the quote from “Jane Of Lantern Hill.” “Don’t listen to gossip, gossip makes geese, I always say.” Love and beauty is inside of everyone, if only you look deep down inside yourself, pull it out and make it shine. God has called us to shine our light to the whole world, to burn brightly in all the darkness. Inside each of us lives; love, hope, kindness, joy, compassion, and the ability to serve others. Showing love to others, even when you feel your own world is crumbling, is the love of God. Showing care toward the person on the street that is suffering, is Gods light shining through you. Your tears you have shed in prayer for the broken hearted, the unfortunate, or the spiritually lost ones, those tears are precious to God, He holds on to every word and every heart felt sob. Your smile to thhe stranger on the street, you greetings of hello, your kindness for paying that small amount of money to someone who was going to Have to put groceries back, every kindness reveals a sorce of God, His way of being there for each of His children by using you. No matter how people put you down for how small the things you do are, God sees it as huge and will bless you for blessing others. Anything that is from the heart and not for show sends a message to the world of how human kind has promise. Never be discouraged if you hear negativity, never feel as though you are not enough, but do be cautious and self examine through prayer. Love your neighbors, pray for your enemies, and ask God His desires for you daily. Never forget, if you are following God, and doing your best, striving for His Holiness, you are beautiful.


Author: heidifowler

I'm a 34 year old with 3 wonderful kids, an amazing husband that ended up rescuing me from who i thought was trying to rescue me. i am the woman that makes mistakes but learns from them. i am not who i was a little over a year ago. last year i was easily manipulated, being made to feel guilty, and struck down by people i trusted. this year i have learned about myself and still to be strong. how to protect myself and never be a victim again.

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