Marriage Is Amazing, But Splits Can Destroy It

click for the article about separating a sago palm tree

When two people decide to get married they are joined together as one flesh. You still have two brains, seperate ways of thinking, and different needs and desires, but you are one flesh as in one heart, one base, and rooted solidly in your firm foundation. Roots take time to implant deeply, but they are what holds trees securely in place. With a lot of tender love and care, water, and sunshine, eventually what starts out as a baby sago palm grows tall, strong, and beautiful. Sago palm trees grow what is called pups. You can seperate them while attached as pups, but you can not seperate the sago once it has left its pup stage. A sago palm tree that grows up with multiple heads is beautiful, but it is considered as one tree. No matter how much you want to seperate it to make it its own tree, it is impossible. The tree will suffer wounds that will never heal and over a course of time, it will die.

A Family~

More then one head.. Cute family, right? You still can’t seperate it. It is still one foundation. The mother and the father are teaching the children to grow. Every choice you make, every fight, every condescending tone, every yell, and every put down the child has to endure is instilled in the mind. Spouses are guiding children with minds like sponges, they take it all in and start to grow as the example they see. We create little pups that are being raised to grow into adults and form their own families, but if you seperate the main foundation where everything is attached, it will destroy the whole family. The heart of the commitment has to work together, to show love, compassion, fight for one another, and fight for their family. Seperation should only happen when you are not attched by the root. Date and spend time getting to know one another, find out how compatible you are. You will have your whole life to be together, if you work as a team, but if you are unmarried, don’t rush it. If you are married, remember, marriage is work, not a walk in the park. There are clouds, thunderstorms, and many hardships, but with rain things start to bloom and look healthy. So, don’t be afraid to stand against a storm that looks like it could destroy your whole world, embrace it and say, imagine how beautiful it will be once we conquer this!


Author: heidifowler

I'm a 34 year old with 3 wonderful kids, an amazing husband that ended up rescuing me from who i thought was trying to rescue me. i am the woman that makes mistakes but learns from them. i am not who i was a little over a year ago. last year i was easily manipulated, being made to feel guilty, and struck down by people i trusted. this year i have learned about myself and still to be strong. how to protect myself and never be a victim again.

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