Believe in yourself, no matter who else tries to make you fail.

Times can be tough, there is no doubt about that. People can be cruel and not be very supportive, but don’t ever let that stand in your way of rising to be who you were created to be. Of course we have to be cautious not to mix being prideful with standing up for yourself. There can be a very thin line between the two. After all, we are told by the word of God that “pride comes before a fall” and no one wants to fall smack dab on their face while they are trying to be the best they can be. God has created us to stand firm, yet be humble. Be warriors, but also serve. To protect ourselves, but to also turn the other cheek. People have a way of making us doubt ourselves, doubt our beliefs, second guess our purpose, and make us feel inadequate. This is so very wrong because God created each of us in His image. We are mirrored to His likeness and He wants for us as any father wants for his child. I believe one of the best ways to continue believing in ourselves is to show love to others, encourage others, self encourage, and remind ourselves that God finds us a wonderful masterpiece that He has created. Rise above any situation with boldness, but with love. Tell yourself, daily, that you are strong, you are created wonderfully by God, and you are His child. That makes you a champion ’cause God doesn’t make anything that is not perfect in His sight. If you have memories of people being cruel, remember this, God didn’t created them to do that, and by turning deaf ear to the negativity and returning only love, you are showing the world the master piece that God made when He said, “it is good.”


Author: heidifowler

I'm a 34 year old with 3 wonderful kids, an amazing husband that ended up rescuing me from who i thought was trying to rescue me. i am the woman that makes mistakes but learns from them. i am not who i was a little over a year ago. last year i was easily manipulated, being made to feel guilty, and struck down by people i trusted. this year i have learned about myself and still to be strong. how to protect myself and never be a victim again.

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