Ali And The Haunted School. part 2 Written by Heidi Fowler Illustrated by Melody Fowler (age 10)

She looked up and saw something floating all over the ceiling, it looked like a enormous dark shadow, it was moaning and banging on the ceiling. Ali nervously took her flash light out of her bag, shined it up on the shadow figure, and her fear grew even stronger. She wanted to run, but her legs wouldn’t move. She felt like every time she tried to lift one leg to try to run away her legs had a feeling of cooked spaghetti. She screamed and screamed, but there was no one to help her. She looked up at it again, floating, more like hovering over her head, it opened its mouth and showed huge, sharp, scary teeth! It growled a loud piercing growl, then a huge gust of wind met Ali in her face blowing her hair back away from her head as if she were in a tornado. It dived down, rushing toward her as fast as a metro train moves on its track. Its mouth was wide open, ready to eat her alive. Ali jerked awake, sat straight up in bed covered in sweat. Her heart was racing just as hard as it was racing in the dream. She knew she wasn’t going to be able to keep this all to herself. If she was going to prove something was going on in the school she was going to need to talk to her friends. Maybe they could come with her to help calm her nerves, to also be a look out. It was really difficult to try to investigate while having to watch for the cleaners. If she were to be caught it would all be over, and how would she ever prove anything if that happened? Ali started to think about her dream and how silly it was. A big shadow with big teeth eating candy and leaving the wrappers all over the hall? Her mind was creating some pretty silly stuff, what in the world was she doing in her sleep, putting Nancy Drew and Scooby Doo together to solve a mystery? It was plain silly and she knew it. She didn’t have any more time to dwell on this now, she had to get ready for school and she had to talk to her friends about the noises and strange happenings. She was sure she could convince them to come along with her, even if they didn’t believe there was something there, they would come to offer moral support.

The bell rang for lunch and all the girls met up in the café. Ali told the girls about sneaking into the school last night, how she had heard the noises in the bathroom during school, how she still believed someone or something was up in the ceiling. The girls looked at her in disbelief, but tried to be understanding and supportive. Ali never bought snacks at school, but she decided to today, all that running around last night made her crave some sugar. She was walking toward the kitchen area to buy some ice cream and noticed a custodian pushing one of the big café tables across the floor, in one spot it made a different sound, it was a hollow sound. She thought it was strange. Could it mean anything? At home they have a root cellar with a rug thrown over it, when you walk across it, it makes a hollow sound, just like it did here at the school. Ali walked back to her table and ate her ice cream while continuing to talk to her friends about her theory. The lunch bell rang and everyone went to their classes. Ali found it very hard to concentrate, all she could think of was the noises and things being moved around the school. What did she see run out of the room when the door slammed? There was something and she knew it! Ali couldn’t wait to get home to pack her bag again to head back to the school that night. She knew she didn’t have very long to figure this out because once the weather stayed cold the door would no longer be left open in the custodians break room. Al’s friends joined her that night, but they didn’t take any of it seriously. Ray was being silly, making moaning sounds, as if she was a ghost. Ali began to get very frustrated with her and yelled at her to stop. “Are you trying to get us caught?” She said with a nervous quiver in her voice. Ray apologized and told Ali she didn’t mean to destroy her investigation, she was a little nervous herself and trying to steady her nerves by making light of the situation.

Ali remembered to grab the ladder this time, so the girls helped take it to the bathroom where Ali had heard the noise two days ago. Before they got very far they heard the sound of running feet down the hallway where the kitchen was. They quietly put down the ladder and snuck down the hallway that led to the kitchen. They walked into the café’ and saw that the kitchen door was wide open. Was it one of the cleaning people, or was it the big mystery phantom that seemed totally ridiculous? Cloe looked at Ray, Ray looked Lili, then all three girls looked at Ali with a huge puzzled look on their faces. Ali looked back at them and simply said, “now do you believe me”? They nodded their heads and a look of panic and fear crossed their faces. They knew it wasn’t a custodian in there. They all knew that the day shift supervisor took care of the kitchen cleaning. They had spoke to the supervisor on some occasions and he had told them that he did that area. Cloe spoke up, knowing what everyone was thinking, “maybe they switched areas and now the second shift workers clean the kitchen.” She knew she was most likely wrong, but would say anything to calm her nerves on this situation. They all sighed and told her that was really reaching to think that they switched, the day worker didn’t have time to do the other areas so it couldn’t be possible. Ali lead the way into the kitchen, peaking around the corner as she walked through the open door. She didn’t see anyone, but she heard another door that was toward the back of the room slam shut. She ran to the back trying to see what it was, but it was all in vain. Lily spoke up and said she thought they had better just leave. She didn’t want to be caught and get into trouble. The other girls told her she could leave if she wanted to, but they came knowing the risks and would not abandon Ali. “Fine, I’ll stay.” responded Lily. The group of girls continued walking through the kitchen, but didn’t find much, everything was locked up, so they didn’t know how or where the heard the second slamming door. they walked back out to the hallway and started walking down toward the single bathroom again, after picking up the latter. Cloe looked down at her feet while walking and saw a candy bar wrapper, picked it up and started examining it. “A baby Ruth” she said. Ali turned around to look at what she was talking about and gasped. “That is what I kept finding in my desk last year, I don’t even eat those. This year I’m starting to see them thrown all over the school on the floor.” Ray chimed in, “well, now I can tell you for sure, I don’t think this place is haunted, I mean what kind of a ghost eats chocolate”? Lily added her two cents in as well, “Who would be in the school leaving trash like this, when no one is here? The custodians wouldn’t do it, they have to clean messes up, so why would thy do it?” As they continued walking a little farther they heard more noises above their heads in the ceiling. “What is that!?” asked the girls simultaneously. Ali smiled and said, ” I kept telling you about the noises, but you guys didn’t want to believe me.” She was starting to not be so scared of the creaking in the ceiling, but the rest of the girls were not so calm. They turned the corner, opened the single bathroom door and took the ladder inside to set it up. Ali climbed up the ladder very carefully and pushed the ceiling tile aside. A bunch of dust and debris fell down on her head, she went up other step and shined her flashlight up above the rest of the tiles. “What is it, do you see anything?” the girls were asking. “No, there is nothing up here. “Ali slowly got down off of the ladder and had a disappointed look on her face. “I was so sure I would find something.” Ali said with her head hung down in discouragement. “Maybe it’s just noises, the building does look old and creepy.” Everyone talked as they walked back to the custodians break room to put the ladder back. “Don’t feel bad, Ali, at least you tried, maybe some kids are just messing around and putting the candy wrappers in your desk.” Ali still didn’t believe it, but she had no proof, so what could she do? The next day at school the girls were all pretty quiet, they knew Ali was very upset about how things turned out with the investigation, so they didn’t talk very much. Ali just couldn’t understand it. During lunch Ali went over to the spot on the floor again that had the hollow sound to it, she stomped her foot on it, moved to another spot and stomped it again. The other kids in the café just kept looking at her with curiosity. She put her head up high and gave a huge cheesy grin to the other kids and said, “made you look!” Ali decided she would go back to the school one more time. She wanted another look in the kitchen. Something was up with the door slamming in there and she just knew it. The girls thought it would be a good idea to try to go to the little ice-cream shop in town after school, the told Ali it would help her feel better, that maybe she just needed a night out to get her mind off of the school problem. Ali agreed to go, maybe a night of hanging out and getting some ice cream would make her feel better, but for now she just had to get through school for today. Four pm finally came, the girls went home, had supper, did some home work, and walked down the block to the small little town ice cream shop. As much as they tried not to, they sill ended up talking about the school and the mysterious noises, as well as all the other things that had happened. Cloe told them that while she was in her classroom she heard banging sounds. The teacher even looked up from her desk for a minute with question on her face, but a minute later she said, “Don’t be alarmed children, it’s just the pipes in the building.” She told the class that old buildings always make strange noises.


Author: heidifowler

I'm a 34 year old with 3 wonderful kids, an amazing husband that ended up rescuing me from who i thought was trying to rescue me. i am the woman that makes mistakes but learns from them. i am not who i was a little over a year ago. last year i was easily manipulated, being made to feel guilty, and struck down by people i trusted. this year i have learned about myself and still to be strong. how to protect myself and never be a victim again.

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