Ali And The Haunted School. Part 1. Written by Heidi Fowler, Illustrated by Melody Fowler (Age 10)

It was starting to get cold outside in the mornings, considering it was Autumn. It was the fourth day of september, school was starting back up and Ali was entering 5th grade. She didn’t want to go back. Why couldn’t she be entering 6th grade? A different school, a different area all together. By the end of last year things were a little weird. The desks were moved to different places, strange smells were in the school, doors open and shut on their own, there were strange noises of creaking and moaning in parts of the building. The teachers said she heard the wind coming through the window cracks, but Ali didn’t believe that. She knew what wind sounded like coming through window cracks, she heard it in her own drafty home. She had no choice, she had to start school and that was all there was to it. The bus pulled up with her friends, so she got on and walked to her seat. Her friends never believed her about any of the stuff she told them happening in the school, they thought she was making things up to just scare them, she had always been a bit of a prankster. The bus picked up a few more kids along the way and within ten minutes they pulled into the school parking lot. Ali walked in the side door where the busses drop off the kids, she walked down the long hallway past her old classroom, a shiver ran up her spine as she looked in, remembering how on that one day of school last year her desk had been moved to a corner in the room and it had fruit loops, a chocolate bar wrapper, and an empty box of chocolate milk inside of it. She knew she hadn’t done it, she didn’t eat fruit loops and she would never leave trash inside her desk. Ali thought it would be rude to leave trash for someone else to have to clean up, but why wasn’t it cleaned up? The custodians always kept everything so clean so it was strange to walk in and find it there. Ali turned left down the next hall, passing the water fountain, she saw it running, so she jiggled the stuck handle until it popped out allowing the water to shut off.

Ali opened her locker and found it had about eight candy bars, a box of fruit loops, and 4 water bottles inside of it. The very first day of school and already weird stuff was starting. Classes were boring, as most first days are and Ali was beyond happy to go home. There was no home work because things were mostly just getting to know the new teachers, going over the basics of what to expect to learn, and get a feel for where you needed to go for each class. Ali decided she would make the best of the school year, she would try to play detective, like in the Nancy Drew books she loved so much. If Nacy Drew could be brave enough to inveatigate, why couldn’t she? Ali packed a bag with; a flashlight, rope, binoculars, and snacks then got her pjs on and tucked deep down into the covers to try to warm her shivering body. She wanted to be brave, but still had a nervous uneasy feeling that she/ just couldn’t seem to shake. The next thing Ali knew she was waking from the alarm sounding very loudly by her bed. She turned off the alarm, went to her closet to gather her clothes for the day and began to get ready for school. Ali and her friends, Ray, Lily, and Cloe were at lunch eating and having a good time, though the lunch breaks were way too short. The students only get thirty minutes to eat, all day theu were in school and only got thirty minutes to eat and talk to your friends? Ali thought this was unfair, but she quickly ate her food and tried to socialize as much as she possibly could. Of course there was also recess, but they were never in the same areas at the same time, so there wasn’t much time for talking and hanging out. Ali left the table for a minute to go the bathroom so she could freshen up her hair and lip gloss, but she always went to the single bathroom down the hall. She didn’t like fixing her self up in front of the other girls, she always felt like they were watching her to hard and it made her very uncomfortable. While she was applying her lip gloss she heard a very loud noise. The ceiling was creaking, it would stop and start again, like someone was up there, but that was impossible, wasn’t it? Ali put the cap back on her lip gloss and quickly ran out the door and headed back to the cafe’, she wasn’t going to tell anyone about the noise because they wouldn’t believe her anyway. Ray looked at Ali as she sat down at the table and asked if she was ok. “You look like you’ve just seen a ghost” Ali just smiled and said, “I saw Jack in the hall and it made me feel uncomfortable is all. You know how much I liked him last year, but he is still with Amber.” The bell range anouncing that lunch was over so the girls left the cafe, and proceeded with the rest of their day at school. Ali knew something was up. Candy bars in her locker, chocolate milk, fruit loops? None of this made any sense. Ali decided she was going to go into the school at night, she should be able to sneak in the back door where the custodians break room was, they always left the big delivery door open after school hours because it was so hot in the summer and fall time. She grabbed her bag of supplys for investigating and started walking to school after supper was over. Her parents wouldn’t check on her until bed time because they would believe she was in her room playing her computer games or studying for a review test coming up. Ali found she was right when she reached the school, the door was wide open, just as if it was inviting her to come in. She had to sneak in quietly and be sure no one was in the room, if any custodian was there she would be not be allowed to just go in because she thought the place was haunted. She peaked in through the door, it was all clear, she walked through the custodians room, out into the hallway and began to tip toe down the hall. She didn’t know where the staff would be at this time of night cause she didn’t know their patern of cleaning. She did, however, see a wet mop bucket by the bathroom door, as well as a cart filled with toilet paper, paper towels, soap, and buckets filled with some kind of fluid, she guessed it must be cleaner for the sinks and toilets. Ali walked down to the single bathroom where she had heard the noise earlier that day, hoping to hear the sound again, but there was nothing.

She stood on the toilet, reaching up, trying to move the “drop in” ceiling tile in hopes to shine her flashlight up inside to see if there was anything there, but she still couldn’t reach. She kept telling herself that a haunted school couldn’t be the case, she had to prove someone or something was in the school. There sure wasn’t anyone believing the ghost story, she barely believed it herself. Ali finally gave up looking in that part of the building and moved on to another area. As she was walking down the hallway she heard a very loud BANG! It scared her half to death, as she turned around she saw a glimps of something turning quickly around the corner of the hall. It couldn’t have been one of the cleaners because she had just been past that classroom door and the lights were out. “Be brave, like Nancy Drew.” She quietly told herself. She continued walking down the hallway, shining her flashlight into classrooms looking for a sign of something or someone that could be leaving empty candy wrappers and moving desks around. Nothing was out of the ordinary until she reached the next to last classroom. This wing always had the best heat, but now it was starting to feel beyond hot. Ali’s heart was starting to race, her adrenaline was pumping hard. She looked in the classroom, the door just barely cracked open, she saw in the kindergarten classroom a rocking chair rocking back and forth. It was rocking fast, like someone had just gotten up from it. It slowed down after a few seconds, it took about the same amount of time to slow down as it took for Ali’s heart to start slowing down. Was that voices? She heard taking coming from around the corner, her heart had finally calmed down, but now it was starting to race again. She turned her flash light off and slowly walked back down the hall from the direction she had come from. The voices were getting less noticeable as she was waking in the opposite direction from where they were coming from. Alie walked back to the room where she had been able to gain access into the building, she was getting ready to leave the when she saw a ladder sitting along a wall, down where a bunch of cleaning stuff was sitting on some shelves. She started to grab it, she thought she could quickly go back to the bathroom with the ladder and peak up inside the ceiling, but just as she was getting to the door to the hallway she heard voices talking again. She rushed to put the latter back and ran out the back door, she just barly escaped being seen by the workers coming into the room. Ali ran home and snuck in through her bedroom window,

She quickly got ready for bed, then sat down to read a book before going to sleep. Ali’s dreams were all over the place. She dreamed she was back in the school, heart racing, scary noises, it was the sounds of moaning, creaking floors, and seeing candy wrappers all over the floor. They trailed all the way down to her classroom and stopped at her desk. The hallway was only half lit from the emergency lights being the only source of light.


Author: heidifowler

I'm a 34 year old with 3 wonderful kids, an amazing husband that ended up rescuing me from who i thought was trying to rescue me. i am the woman that makes mistakes but learns from them. i am not who i was a little over a year ago. last year i was easily manipulated, being made to feel guilty, and struck down by people i trusted. this year i have learned about myself and still to be strong. how to protect myself and never be a victim again.

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